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Feb 9, 2022

Over the course of the past few years, UncommonX has continued to observe companies’ unwavering “It could never happen to me,” mindset, despite an uptick in cyber threats and attacks. This presents a great challenge in the cybersecurity world and the business community at large. There still isn’t a strong urgency or focus on digital protection. The reality is that “the problems of the past are the problems of today.” Even though there’s a heightened interest in the topic of cybersecurity, due to recent attacks, organizations are not taking the necessary steps to learn from the past and safeguard their future.
Patrick Hayes is the chief strategy officer at UcommonX. Patrick is a hands-on leader, with depth in strategy, business operations, information security and technical architecture. He has led multiple technology start-ups through funding, growth, international market expansion, and acquisition. Patrick has also held senior leadership roles with Hitachi, Allstream and IBM. As a Certified Enterprise Security Architect, Patrick has also led large-scale security programs and operations in Media & Communications, Finance, Oil & Gas and Public Sector organizations.